(Programmer and Hacker)++

I am a PHP Web Developer. Laravel is my favorite PHP Framework. I do things manually for front-end. And I use NodeJS for WebSocket. I am a security-first programmer, depends on the project requirement. I am also well-versed with Linux, and it's file- system permissions, and basic iptables.

In short, I'm a fullstack guy. I can do front and back development, and also do basic ops job like basic apache/nginx configuration and so forth. . I just coined the term. Me as a full-stack developer can do both front and back development together. The ++ part is other skills I posess like part is the OPS skill of working with server configuration stuff like, qqq. asdasda, wqejqwkeja and backend together. But fullstack devs are not Operations who work with server stuff. That's a job for SysAdmins or DevOPS.

I am also well-versed with linux operating systems. My favorite distro is Ubuntu, but I currently use CentOS in my current work. For my docker images, I'd love to use Alphine, because it's just so ultra lightweight.

I guess in short, I'm a kind-of full-stack web developer, with basic DevOPS skills, and basic hacking skills.


Web Developer

Basically, I created this site.. to serve as my online resume, portfolio, and etc. Simply, online presence to target new opportunities (employees?). Or maybe not. I just want to express myself. That's the sole purpose.

This is a resume that will never disclose his name, where he lives, or what he actually does. I don't know. I'm just not so comfortable disclosing my data. Unless I meet you in person, I would gladly give the information that you need. But getting my info behind the wire? No way.

I am not really seeking for a job. Unless you could offer something that could pick my interest, maybe I'll consider working for you. - Higher salary - Comfortable working environment - Challenging, fun, reasonable timeline, will definitely grow your career, and as a person

- As of the moment, I'm really quite contended with my current job. I'm happy where I am now... As of this moment.. Things might change in the future.

- I describe myself here as a DevOps who: - Improve development chuchooo. - Do DevOps job - Initially to improve developer's development and deployment process - Assist developers in requesting - Or nah. Is it devops? O.o - Or nah. They call it as like that.. So what?

Wanna reach me out?

Drop a message to my inbox: [email protected]

NOTICE (to spammers / scammers): Don't ever try to send me a email like: You're Emma Watson from Military Services and you are saying that you have some money reserve of 1 million usd. Fuck that. TANSTAAFL. I won't buy your crap. Have a life and stop wasting your time lol.