Commenting Policy

  1. Be nice.
  2. Don’t be an asshole.
  3. Don’t spam my page of forex or investment shits or 99 years of bad luck awaits you. Yes.

Reaching me out

Everyone can reach me out through this email [email protected]. I do not respond to spam or simply annoying emails, and they’re automatically thrown to spam and blocked forever. I indicated my official social media account on this page, simply because they’re just open for dox. Dox me all you want for like I care. Anyone could find my social media, so it is something that I expect that you can already figure out. Same with my Github account. Well, GitHub is something that I’d like you to see after all.

About Facebook, I do not respond to friend requests, so do not ever attempt to add me because I will simply ignore it. I only add desired individuals within my circle. For FB, there’s nothing very much interesting about it. It’s full of pure personal stuff that you might not be interested to see.

For job opportunities, you may reach out via my LinkedIn account via PM, or send me an email and let’s discuss things there. I am always open to job opportunities that will expand my knowledge and skills.


  1. Reach me out through my email
  2. Never ever attempt to add me on FB
  3. For job opportunities, reach me out via LinkedIn, or email.