Honestly, I am broken inside. It is not very easy to write something like this on a blog. I also do not post anything on social media that I am depressed. On social media, I just like to share little stupid things like games, rants, memes, anime, or anything light. The character that I’d like everyone to see is me being a smartass, carefree individual, devoid of any emotional shits in life, and I think it’s the right thing to do.

I am aiding myself through medication (prescribed drug) that is a type of mood stabilizer to help me to stabilize my mood. But there are just some situations that really put me down to the gutter and it’s just so hard to move around and to recover.

For anyone who’s experiencing depression, keep fighting. You guys can do it. We can do it. We all have different circumstances in life. We should keep ourselves in check. It is highly recommended to seek professional support and take proper medication to help us out.

Why did I write this? Because you are not alone. And I’d like to use this medium to reach you out and tell you that we can do it.