Welcome to the the old and classic, and overused: Cosmological Argument.

  • Insert St. Thomas Aquinas’s Cosmological Argument.
  • Insert Kalam Cosmological Argument
  • What else?

First things first, to be fair, I will not say that “god does not exist”, but I stand on atheism. I do not believe in god and I do not think that there is god, but I will not say that it does not exist, so just to be fair and avoid the fallacy of “argument from ignorance”, in which you may against me. So my answer is I do not know.

So if you will come to me and ask: “Gab, is there a god?” I will respond to you: “I do not know, but I do not believe in god and to me, there is no god”. Simple as that.

In the scientific community, the accepted explanation to the birth of universe, is the Big Bang Theory. This entire existence begans from a singularity that consist all matter and energy of the universe, until it explodes and grows until it reaches something what we know “universe”.

But there is problem within scientific community up to this date: “We do not know what causes, or what is before the Big Bang”.

Some says, it has to be god. Because:

  1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause.
  2. The Universe began to exist.
  3. Therefore, the Universe has a cause. –> god.

AHA –> The old and classic: The Cosmological Argument, that can be dated back to St. Thomas Aquinas that is repeatedly overused by our fellow intelligent debaters in the side of theistic worldview, to validate existence of god, or to some shady individuals that misrepresent science that an entity such as god has to cause the Big Bang.

May sound strong to you: But no. I will refute this.

  1. It commits the fallacy of argument from ignorance.
  2. It exploits deductive reasoning incorrectly –> that harms the healthy view of how you should actually see the world.
  3. “I do not know” is a valid answer, better than saying “god did it.”

Point #1: Argument from Ignorance. It does not mean that “we do not know” before Big Bang, would mean that “god must’ve caused it”. I always hear this argument from time to time, so I am here to educate you. The right answer is “we do not know”. If you will say that “god did it”, then you have to provide sufficient evidence to support your claim. – Argumentation theory –> Burden of proof.

Cosmological argument violates argument from ignorance. Therefore invalid.

Point #2: It exploits deductive reasoning incorrectly. Number one: To describe the universe through deductive reasoning will never work. Scientific method works by inductive reasoning. Number two: The important element of deductive reasoning is valid presentation of facts. You should hold facts.

Statement #1: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. –> Nope. That is not always the case. Through science, this has proven to be wrong. Welcome to the world of Quantum Mechanics. –> Statement #1 is not a fact.

Reconstructing the statements:

  1. Whatever begins to exist has a cause –> is not always the case. –> Not fact.
  2. The Universe began to exist. –> Big Bang.
  3. Therefore, the Universe has a cause. –> not always the case. Invalid.

Cosmological argument’s first statement is invalid, therefore conclusion is invalid as well.

Point #3: “I do not know” is a valid answer, better than saying “god did it.” Before, our concept of weather, is that it is something that is caused by “gods”., and you pray to some god to rain, or to end storm, and so on. But today, by learning different types of clouds, learning to measure atmospheric presure (barometer), humidity (hygrometer), helped us predict weather, that allows us to prepare ahead of time.

In the past, our theory of disease is that:

  • It is punishment made by god.
  • It is caused by the devil.
  • Caused by witchcraft.

That the thing we call bubonic plague today, is known in the past that is caused by miasma, or any other statement that stems from our lack of understanding.

But learning further the microscopic element of life, we learn that there are microorganisms such as bacteria, amoeba, fungi, so on, that can cause disease to us, and this knowledge helped us to understand the importance of proper hygiene, and further prevention of disease through right awareness.

Now, we have mystery. The story “Before Big Bang”.

I do not know it, therefore it must be god. Today, it is not the case. It should never be the case. It is always better to say that you do not know something, and dig deeper to know what is it really to further understand something. Follow scientific method. Become literate to science. Earn enough competence to dispute and test established facts to further validate things about the mysteries of the world, is the way to go than to say that “god is the answer”. –> Simply, enlightenment through continous education.

From time to time, “god” is getting out of the picture, as we understand deeply about the universe. Through education, we slowly move to a secularist worldview, than a religious world view. –> And to my belief, world is never created by a god, nor there was such an entity. –> Note: To my belief.

My final thought: To me, assuming that universe is caused by a “god”, is an insult to human progress, and it is just an argument I cannot tolerate, to me personally at least. It is better to say that you do not know it, than saying that it is god.

To me, the Cosmological Argument is very arrogant. This very modern world, through time and current man’s progress, proves this to be invalid. Simply, an outdated worldview that does not fit to reality as we know.

To properly understand the universe, requires learning through proper education. Education is your key to enlightenment, and not some deceptive texts and people that distorts your view about the world.

I rest my case. Thank you for reading.